The names of women who are always unhappy with everything

Such women, as a rule, are called “grymza” behind their backs. Find out if your name is on the list!

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Bad weather, quarrels with friends, bad sleep or minor troubles... A variety of things can unbalance a woman. However, the location of some ladies does not at all depend on extraneous factors - they are constantly unhappy with something. And the reason for this may be the name received at birth. Women with what names are rarely seen cheerful and cheerful?


Women with the beautiful and sonorous name of Alexander are rarely in a good mood. Their name is ruled by Aries, which is assertive and aggressive. Sasha always think big, so they don't want to be content with what is here and now.

On top of that, they have many masculine qualities in their character - they are ambitious, wayward and always ready for battle. Alexandra don't know how to live light. They are used to making grandiose plans and implementing them. But like all Aries, they don't know how to wait at all. Therefore, if Sasha does not get what they want this very minute, they instantly lose their temper.


Angelina is a beautiful and romantic name. However, its owners are not always nice. Since they are ruled by the constellation Cancer, the Angelines often turn out to be unhappy and annoyed with something. They differ:

  • increased demands on others;
  • ambition;
  • excessive emotionality;
  • vanity.

They like to make big plans and don't know how to lose. Angelines are ready to go over their heads to achieve what they want. Moreover, these women do not know how to switch from one emotion to another. They find it difficult to deal with failures and minor mistakes.

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It can be no less difficult with the owners of this beautiful name. Xenias do not know how to control their emotions, so they are often elated or just frowning. They can be rude or rude. It is always clear from their expressions that they are dissatisfied with something or that someone did not please them.

In fact, Xenia is not too fond of not only people, but also animals. They are especially dismissive of those who are stronger in spirit and energy than them. Often, Ksyusha takes out her bad mood on relatives or colleagues. It can also get to an absolutely outsider!


Margarita is a name ruled by Pisces. Its owners are rarely cheerful, joyful and carefree. These women are always offended at everyone, because they believe that they cannot be appreciated at home and at work. It is not surprising that in communication, Margaritas show harshness, discontent, rudeness and nervousness.

In addition, they have a changeable disposition. Margaritas are touchy, cannot stand instructions, advice and teachings. Therefore, advisers are cut off roughly and abruptly. Among other features, it is worth noting impatience and categoricalness. For this reason, Rita often sort things out and can throw a scandal from scratch.

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Since childhood, the owners of this beautiful name are under the spotlight of teachers and parents. They always have to prove something. That is why, with age, many of Nadezhd suffer from excellent pupil syndrome. Their mood is directly dependent on approval, compliments and praise from relatives, friends, colleagues or bosses.

Hopes often become idealists. But since they cannot always do everything perfectly, they cannot cope with defeat. It is difficult and long for Nadis to experience any (even the most insignificant!) Mistakes. They cannot put up with the shortcomings of people, and all these emotions and experiences are immediately reflected on their face.

rose flower

The bearers of this rare name are ruled by Pisces, therefore, in their character it is clearly traced:

  • resentment;
  • suspiciousness;
  • fickleness.

Roses are inherently choleric. They do not tolerate injustice and can explode on any trifle. Almost every word or deed these women take personally. They do not know how to peacefully resolve conflicts and calmly sort things out. It is not surprising that impulsive Roses from the outside always seem to be unhappy and tense.

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Women with this name are under the auspices of Capricorn. This sign is characterized by coldness, restraint, arrogance and many negative emotions. For this reason, Tatyana often finds herself in a bad mood. In most situations, this develops into a habitual demeanor.

In addition, Tanya constantly evaluates the actions and words of strangers, which provokes a surge of indignation. They are touchy and always ready to strike the enemy. Tatyana love to command and are not used to hiding their dissatisfaction with anything. That is why they are constantly on edge, and in this state they can "hang" for a long time.

Here are just 7 female names, the owners of which are constantly unhappy with something. However, irritability does not always depend on the name. Some women are simply ill-mannered.

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