Protruding nails: what does this mean?

On the health of their nails rare person pays attention. More precisely, we consider similar problems cosmetic. In fact, the condition of nails indicates the pathological changes in the body. For example, if the nail plate becomes a horizontally convex, this suggests psoriasis.

And what else can be found, looking at your nails? It turns out a lot. Let us see what happens in the human body, when the nail plates are starting to change in appearance - in shape, color, evenness, smoothness, etc.?

vertical convexity

Lines that run from the bottom of the nail to its upper edge - this is the most common form of bumps on the nails. This "problem" there is at least 20% of the world's population.

Generally, the human nail plate - is primarily keratin - a protein found in large quantities in our hair and skin. With age and hair, and human skin becomes drier. Nails are not an exception, since practically consist of the same substance. They are just as dry, aging, because over the years, the body becomes more and more difficult to retain moisture.

However, sometimes such protrusions on the nail plates may be symptoms of developing anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, of a cardiovascular disease.

There are other vertical nail changes (although less than the above). For example, the plate may split or change color. In these cases, you should immediately consult your doctor for consultation and examination.

If there is a single vertical protrusion on the center, we can talk about nutrient deficiency. It may not have enough protein, and possibly folic acid.

horizontal convexity

These irregularities are much less vertical. And they can be a consequence of injury resulting from failure manicure finger jamming, etc. Furthermore, they may indicate the development of skin diseases in the body type psoriasis or eczema. It should therefore be constantly "monitor" state of the skin on the hands / feet for a rash, redness. And if anything happens, immediately contact a dermatologist who will prescribe the best option corrective therapy.

However, it's not just the skin. Convexity on the nails may be a sign of other problems. The condition of the nail plate, e.g., lack of affect, and is equal to the overactivity of the thyroid gland. After all, the body produces hormones responsible for the growth of the nail. In some cases, failures lead to the appearance of roughness on nails.

When irregularities occur simultaneously on all 20 nails of the feet and hands, it can talk about the development in the human body a serious infection. Such as for example pneumonia. Or syphilis, or mumps. So itself can manifest and serious diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys.

If the nails are, in addition to the formation of irregularities become noticeably thinner, crack, warp or discolored, it is necessary to address urgently to the doctor in order to reliably determine the cause / causes of the Problems. Otherwise, you may miss something really serious.

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