Warm in winter: 5 ways to stay warm during the cold snap

Over time, the arrival of cold weather we are increasingly beginning to feel the biting chill.

We've put together the top 5 ways for heat preservation in its the body.

warm curtains

With the onset of winter, thin curtains on the windows should be replaced with blackout curtains and close them as soon as the street starts to get dark. Thick curtains will play the role of thermal insulator and protect the house from cold air currents. This is especially true if the window was purged (unfortunately, this sin is not only the old wooden windows, but also some modern plastic). During the day you want to open the curtains, and the wider the better. Through the window in the room would get sunlight and heat. It is understood that the maximum temperature increase of 1-2 degrees, but still be in the room at lunch time will be much more comfortable.

electric blanket

This is a real find of the 21st century. This copy is able to save you from the terrible cold night in the apartment. Simply go to any online store and choose the appropriate option. Power blanket should reach up to 100 watts.

hot showers

After a hot shower, open the bathroom door open. This will help fill the warmth whole apartment, and you - to escape from the cold air in the room.

warm slippers

Europeans are home pants and sweaters, and sleep in their pajamas and thick woolen socks. And do not forget the cozy warm slippers. If in the morning they do not stand in your bed, it is better not to get out of bed. For particularly merznuschih invented slippers heated, which connects USB-cable.

The use of the dryer

It may sound funny, but very effective: warm bed dryer before you go into it. Such manipulation can help you fall asleep quickly and warm.


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