Unhappy figure? Squat!

We set out to lose weight? Or, on the contrary, you want to gain muscle mass? And in fact, and in another case, can not do without squats. And accordingly, the answer to the question: how to squat? Because it performs "random" such exercises not only help to achieve the desired, but far pushed you away from the intended target. Moreover, illiterate execution may well result in injury. It needs an experienced fitness trainer or a detailed independent study of the issue.

Correct technique squats

Perhaps different types of sit-ups - this is the first thing to learn in the gym, no matter what the goal is set. And the main burden of these exercises are, of course, buttocks and legs. But to really went the extra weight, it is important to combine well-written fitness program with a rationally chosen diet.

If you eat with a small calorie deficit and exercise properly, fat leaves, and muscle growth will be stimulated. So unnecessary volume of the body will melt, and the muscle tissue will draw "a figure dreams."

So, in the correct squat should be involved:

- the front surface of the thigh (quadriceps);

- the inner part of the leg (adductor muscles);

- the back muscles;

- press.

And it is not necessary at the time of fitness classes to fulfill all existing types of squats. You want to score a fitness complex? Then it is important to additionally do some other exercises for the legs and buttocks. And make exercise correctly will help an experienced coach. Independently make it difficult.

The number of repetitions, sets

Want to lose weight? Then you recommended training with many repetitions - each exercise 15 to 20 times over 3 or 5 sets. If you squat with a barbell, weight do not take a large, working with small, if the start.

Perfect for beginners - bodibar. Or five-kilo dumbbells. Let the muscles get used to the stress, then we can add the operating weight.

You need to gain muscle mass? Then training should be based on a small number of repetitions. From 5 to 8 for the same 3 or 5 sets. And enough burdening. Correctly chosen equipment will help the desired number of repetitions. However, after the last performance of the exercise forces should no longer remain. And then the rest before the new approach.

Beginners and then have to start with a larger number of repetitions, because they need to learn how to squat properly, and even before the injury close.

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