How to save the sight in the summer: tips

Due to the excess of the sun in the summer months, the impact of hot and dry air constantly, and wind with dust and sand in many people at this time of year falls sharply vision. Plus, the process contributes to the heavy workload, stress and aggravation of some chronic diseases. It turns out that in summer the eyes need to literally save!

Firstly, the human eye requires constant replenishment of vitamin A! From tear them, for example, eliminating vitamin A, it also increases picture clarity. visual acuity will help restore vitamin B1, and appeared nervous tic is able to remove a vitamin preparation B6. The tone of eye muscles supports vitamin C. From burning and "Twilight" view, as well as the effect of "red eye" saves vitamin B2. Dramatically improves vision and imparts gloss view preparation B12, and vitamin D literally makes myopia and eye muscle cramps. Premature aging, and the weakness of vision will help to avoid potassium, zinc and eye adapts to bright light, it supports the work of the retina.

In the heat perfectly soothing lotion for the eyes, which are made of ostuzhennoy to room temperature, green or black tea. And, you can put on closed eyelids circles raw potatoes peeled. And tea tampons, and potato slices need to apply for 10-15 minutes.

To save the sight in the summer months, you need to how to sleep! In the morning, be sure to take a sun bath - pay to the sun's face with eyes closed. Eyes also need peace. To achieve maximum effect, you can use the exercises to meditation who practice Indian yoga.

Ocular blood flow will improve significantly if the back is always to keep straight. Go to the dance hall, play tennis, do exercise course with the ball. Of great importance for the conservation of playing and organization of the workplace - not to sit facing the wall or wherever bright artificial light strikes the eye.

Harmful to view overwork, strain your eyes for a long time to sit in an unnatural posture, blood circulation and provoke anoxia. Stinging, burning and itching in the eyes, tearing and blurred vision can cause dry air in the room and is constantly working air conditioner.

Visual impairment and also provoked by stress. When a person is upset, there is a spasm of eye blood vessels and muscles, which in turn affects the ability to recognize images. And the brain visual center in the case of bad analyzes the received information.

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