Diet Corner: basic principles

Fyodor Corners was a talented Soviet surgeon and author of many well-known medical books. He died on the 104 year of life, and the secret of longevity, vitality and performance are always explained properly catering. And many fans, the followers of the famous surgeon, using his diet in practice has allowed to live a healthy and long life.

On the dangers of excess weight

The famous doctor never tired of talking about the dangers of extra kilos for the person. Excessive body weight, he claimed, is capable of:

- inhibit the work of the bodies most important life support systems;

- weaken the protective properties of the immune system;

- impair the composition and properties of blood;

- contribute to the growth rates of bad cholesterol;

- actively assist the destructive processes in the joints.

Serious deviation of the body weight of the existing standards significantly increase the risk of atherosclerosis, of hypertension and other, not less dangerous diseases. A set of these problems and pathologies lead to a reduction in the duration of human life.

Terms of supply "on corners"

In accordance with its principles F. G. Corners has developed a unique power system capable of keeping weight under control. Its principles are as follows:

- to live an active lifestyle;

- in the diet to maintain a balance;

- eat only lean meats, fish, poultry;

- have a regular cottage cheese and milk products;

- to completely eliminate from the diet of sweet, smoked, fat and salt;

- abandon the white bread and muffins.

Although the surgeon was not devoutly Christian believer, he recommended to adhere to the orthodox positions. According to him, such periodic restrictions on food needed to purify the human body from harmful accumulations. Moreover, doctors believe that it is impossible to go to bed immediately after a meal and night's rest any human being should last at least 8 hours.

Corners have always said that we should be optimistic about everything that's going on and quietly worry conflict, regardless of the circumstances. This approach allows a person to live happily ever after. Troubles occur in all people, but sufficient energy boost helps many people do not lose heart. By the way: to maintain health and get a powerful burst of energy to help regular dousing cold at any time of the year.

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