5 reasons not to throw orange peels

Typically, the peel of an orange, we just throw in the trash, but there are just 8 reasons not to do it!

You'll get freshener for your the refrigeratorIf spread out on the shelves of fresh orange peel. Citrus fragrance literally absorb the odors that emanate from certain foods or combinations.

can clean wooden surface using solution-based orange peels.

This tool leaves a pleasant aroma wood and polish it. Non-toxic, completely safe! To prepare the solution, you will need a crust and apple cider vinegar mixture should insist for about a week.

create polish Stainless steel products, as natural orange oil remaining in the crust, recycled steel objects to their original form - it is enough to rub crust and then wet cloth.

get flavoring wardrobe: Place orange peels on the shelves, and then every day enjoy the pleasant and light citrus aroma to all their things.

Use as a peel air conditioning hair, because they contain a lot of vitamin C.

To make your own homemade air conditioner, chop orange zest in a blender until smooth. Lubricate the resulting slurry hair after each shampooing.

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