Top 8 Tips for sustainable shopping on Black Friday

When all around shouting about shocking discounts on clothing, shoes and electronics, it is difficult not to spend too much.

Experts in the field of the economy amounted to a set of rules that will help the Ukrainians spend black Friday with pleasure, to invest in budget and do not buy unnecessary things with supposedly very big discount ...

1. Go to the mall with a clear list of what you need.

2. Compare prices with the prices in your favorite stores, not to buy products whose value has been artificially inflated for a few days before the World Day sales.

3. Subscribe to the mailing list of shops where you want to buy products on Black Friday.

Top 8 Tips for sustainable shopping on Black Friday

4. If you plan to buy clothes or shoes is offline, do not be lazy to try pre interesting goods.

5. On Black Friday, you must have a specific budget. Without it, you spend more than you can afford.

6. The largest discount stores set to such categories of goods: clothing, footwear, underwear, cosmetics, furniture, dishes, linens and decor for home, household chemicals; electronics, home appliances, gifts for the New Year.

7. Keep yourself to your favorites stores for shopping via the Internet.

8. Do not buy products that can not be returned within 14 days (this restriction applies, for example, laundry).

Top 8 Tips for sustainable shopping on Black Friday

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