Why do Muslim women go home painted

The desire of every woman to look impressive and attractive inherent nature, and residents of Muslim countries are no exception. But unlike the European fashionistas, causing makeup exclusively before going out, Muslim women prefer to go in the house painted.

Why do Muslim women make up only for her husband?

The Islamic religion understands the desire of women to perfection and allows Muslim women to enjoy all kinds of cosmetics, including make-up applied.

In order to make their appearance more vivid and expressive priverzhenka Islam can use foundation, powder, blush, red lipstick and even eyelashes.

The only rule - all they can do only with her husband and other close relatives - her father, brothers, sons.

Before leaving the house, as well as the fulfillment of the prayer all cosmetics must be thoroughly washed off, even if a woman wears hijab. Light, natural makeup is allowed only by permission of her husband.

Religion forbids women living in Muslim countries to show her beauty to strangers. It is believed that a woman should only be the only man - husband. Only it it should attract.

Too bright make-up, especially in combination with a strong perfume aroma, Islam is regarded as an attempt to attract the attention of other men.

The Quran advises women to carefully monitor its natural beauty, decorate and to demonstrate its appeal exclusively at home. Also, the fair sex should always look neat and tidy.

Sharia emphasizes that women who want to look beautiful for her husband, be sure to go to heaven, because the pleasure of men is perceived by Muslims as the pleasure of Allah.

If an unmarried woman uses cosmetics and attracts the attention of men around her, it is regarded in Islam as a serious sin.

Also, the Muslim religion is strongly opposed to plastic surgery. They are perceived Islam as Allah dissatisfaction and attempt to change his creation, which is a serious sin.

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