5 ways to save money for New Year holidays

It is planned that will prepare

Food - this is one of the most serious charges. Stop buying products haphazardly. Plan ahead 5-7 meals, and buy what you need for them. a great option savings products - is to give up meat and meat dishes, and try to only cook vegetarian.

Compare prices and look for benefits

If you need the goods, check how much it costs in the different stores. If he does not discount, try to buy a similar, but at a lower price.

Points and certificates

Almost all stores have bonus programs. If you have a cumulative score from previous trips, I use them. If you have lying around the house gift certificates - now is the time to spend it.

5 ways to save money for New Year holidays / istockphoto.com

Do not buy everything in advance

Many people think that if you buy everything in advance, they will save. But it is not so! It is better to buy a few approaches just before the New Year.

Take things to the rental expenses and share with friends

Your friends will also be prepared in the New Year

holiday mealsSo if you buy a large package of some products, you divide the costs equally. And if you need any thing just once - take it for rent. This will be cheaper than buying, and a long time to keep it in the closet.

You will find interesting both economically celebrate New Year 2019-2020