3 rules to stop to make impulsive purchases

In anticipation of the new year, people most often make hasty purchases, which later regret.

Make a habit of impulsive purchases It is not at all. Someone hard to part with the money, and someone is easily on all the marketing tricks in the form of promotions and discounts. But the result of ill-considered, impulsive buying is often disappointing: the thing is unnecessary, and sometimes not very good quality, and your finances a large hole is formed.

How to make fewer impulse purchases?

Postpone the purchase of the week

Do you really want to buy another jacket, or clothes for the children, or some things for the house, but the urgent need for them is actually not. Agree with you, wait at least a week. If during this time you will not change your mind and will still believe that you need it this thing - perhaps it really justified the purchase.

Keep a record of your spending

Sometimes we do not even notice how much we spend on various little things. Bought a coffee in the street during a walk though the house is worth a coffee machine, bought the children some small things, because beautiful as they might like, ordered on the internet diapers at the same time bought some sweets, etc.

If you're driving records of income and expenditure category, you can adequately evaluate at the end of the month, how much did you spend "invisibly". Awareness of what is the amount and how often it is necessary to write down their spending, will encourage you to carefully think about shopping.

Plan a realistic budget for the month

Admit that some amount per month, you will have to spend just for fun. You do not need to promise yourself that here too this month, you'll austerity - most likely it will not. But that spending is not out of The Edge of Reason, the budget should be clearly laid out, and there is a clearly the amount of pleasure.

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