Four ideas of the New Year's manicure, which will be able to make each

December - a month bustle, from which emanates needles, frost, tangerines and stationery odor gift wrapping. Not far off the corporate parties, Christmas tree decoration, global cleaning with cooking and other things, because of which the time will fly by with a whistle. The main thing - to have time in this turmoil do themselves and celebrate the New Year beautiful :-)

On different variants of the New Year make-up we have already talked in a previous article (for those who missed - a reference at the bottom). Today, we consider several options for beautiful festive manicure, which is not difficult in execution.

1. Lucky glitter

What to do on New Year's night or during a holiday corporate party at work? That's right, shine! And varnishes with glitter in this help, they have always been popular with beauty bloggers on the eve of New Year holidays.

Liquid Pearl? And maybe for the original manicure with mica? Up to you. But paints with sparkles - in the right direction.

2. Kamifubuki

For those who do not know: kamifubuki - when it is placed on the base of various shiny confetti (or chaotic patterns), and then fixed a transparent gel varnish. Well is not this a festive manicure?! :-)

With cream or beige base goes well with mother of pearl and hologram confetti and a black base - yellow and gold roundels.

3. Minimalism with a pinch of glitter

Laconic manicure with pastel shades, and put on a 1-2 nail shine. It will be combined perfectly with a glass of champagne while the image is not overloaded.

Do not forget that nail polish should be combined with your dress!

4. cool colors

Neat form, the cold range on the nails, rhinestones and shimmering vtirka - the three main ingredient in the winter manicure. It is safe to emphasize cool colors in a New Year's manicure. It looks simple, attractive both on short and on long nails.

Here are a few easy-to-performance options that look solid and do not overload the image. And after advice drawings on the nails tend to look good on long nails.

Pastel paints in combination with glitter - a versatile option. The beauty of short nails well underlined blue, pink, green and purple hues, and the diagonal and vertical stripes visually lengthen them.

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