Yaroslav Rudenko: Happiness and well-being of present pumpkin

The other day on the air "Inter" went one of the sunniest issues "utility program", dedicated to the queen of the autumn season - the pumpkin.

The day of filming a talk show, we met with the Honored Artist of Ukraine Yaroslava Rudenko. It was here, among the experts who are ready to share their experiences and tips. In an exclusive interview Kolobok.ua Yaroslav told about participation in the TV show, people's signs, as well as to share with readers their favorite recipes from pumpkin.

The benefits of pumpkin and storage

- I come from the Poltava region, there has always been a popular pumpkin. And not only because of the unique flavor and rich taste, but also because it is very rich in nutrients. For example, to get the daily requirement of vitamin 'A', and potassium enough to eat a piece of pumpkin or 5 carrots and 2 bananas. In addition, pumpkin is always in the countryside has been a symbol of prosperity. The hostess, looking at the abundance around us after the next harvest, realized that the lack of winter family of products is not exactly threatening.

Pumpkins have one significant advantage over their counterparts - it can be stored for a long time. If whole fruit put in a cool (+4 to +8 ° C), dark, dry and well ventilated place, they prolezhat without spoiling, to the spring. I remember how my grandmother are entered in the house heavy melon, was making a straw bed and neatly laid out on top of her fruit. Lying on a pillow, pumpkin happy with us until the next harvest.

On the secrets of beauty

- Due to the frequent use of the pumpkin, we stay young longer. But that's not all. It turns out that the pumpkin wonderful assistant in matters of beauty. I use it at home to prepare masks which improve hair growth. Glass knead pumpkin pulp in a blender and stirred with 4 tablespoons of sunflower or olive oil. On dry hair, from the roots of his hair and over their entire length, nanoshu pumpkin mixture and wrap a towel. Half an hour later I wash off the mask with hair and flushed them with shampoo. After this procedure, the hair becomes smooth and silky, and more - a unique take on a golden hue.

About decorating the house

- Pumpkin - a bright representative of the autumn harvest. With a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, it can help to create magnificent compositions for home and garden. I like to decorate the large orange fruit stage at home to create from small tykovok different shapes autumn composition in the kitchen of a city apartment or give guests the wish "health." It brings warmth and comfort, but also reminds me about the children's carefree and generous gifts of nature on Ukrainian rural life.

On the creative curiosities

- In the life of an artist often funny stories. My love for the traditions of Ukrainian and wreaths handmade long been known. Just a collection, there are about a hundred products: old and in which our grandmothers were married, and modern - from wool, wax, artificial flowers, with Swarovski stones. Once the skilled worker has produced me a wreath of herbs Poltava. But not simple wreath with philosophy. It was woven from grasses that protect from evil forces, corruption, evil people. Wreath turned massive and quite heavy. And only fastened with ties. At the end of the concert, when I bowed to the audience, it is all his weight fell to the floor. So much so that to raise his head, I could not. And I stood in the bow until it ran out on stage assistants. "See, how long did not give me to finish the wreath, seen wanted me to give you longer worshiped" - I only said to the audience.

On the autumn blues and pumpkin happiness

- Enjoy every minute, every day, even though it's chilly and rainy autumn. For the good mood eat a pumpkin with honey and nuts. Pumpkin pulp contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is responsible for the production of the hormone of happiness. So, including a pumpkin in your diet, you can forget about the autumn depression.

Even more useful tips on pumpkin and its seeds - in the production of a talk show on the quality of life "is a useful utility."