Lips make-up after 45: Important Tips

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I do not tire of repeating, that the women are beautiful at any age! In front of me many examples of well-groomed and beautiful older women, so I know what I'm saying. I do not mean by the concept of grooming after 40 or 55 compulsory injections, fillers, fibers and other cosmetic or even surgery.

Women nowadays are very embarrassed by their wrinkles, with 25 years obkalyvaya forehead Botox and making meso. This is all for a separate article, of course. However, I am of the opinion that age - it is normal that we should be able to take age and psychologically and physiologically.

self-care has not been canceled, of course. Because go to extremes is not worth living in. Focus on the middle ground! Agent's Skin, makeup, nice perfume, a successful haircut - about all this I am telling on your channel, focusing on women of different ages.

Today I want to talk about the age make-up lips

Use a lip pencil

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With it you can adjust the shape of the lips a little, easy to correct asymmetry, making them more expressive. Many women over the years, lip contour becomes blurred, lost the transition between the lips and skin.

You can buy a pencil natural color close to your lips. Greatly exceed the loop in any case it is not necessary! Just draw a lip where you have a little (!) Go away for the circuit to approach symmetry.

You can also use a pencil to match the lipstick, or darker 1-2. But refrain from contrasting strokes lips. Ideally, the pencil can not even see.

It is a good substrate for lipstick, increasing its resistance. After working for a loop neatly fill in all the lips. Lipstick further relieve dryness that can occur from a pencil.

With age, around the mouth appear vertical wrinkles, and lipstick can spread on them and a pencil is a kind of barrier that will not escape your lipstick)

You can buy pencils in the mass market, and in the suite. In the mass-market of the most easily accessible praised Vivien Szabo and Stellar, you can buy them in the same Magnet Cosmetics, Make Up Suite.

Successful and unsuccessful color lipsticks

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I know that many older women are fans cold pink with lilac midtone or mauve shades of lipsticks. However, to call these colors can not be appropriate. They emphasize dark circles under his eyes, and in general add your age. Also throw extra years may be dark lipstick: maroon, all kinds of brown and so on.

What lipstick are women over 50, or even 40? Pleasant, natural shades nyudovye (not too light and not bleached, if they added a tone), and leaving pure peach pink.

Shades of these lipsticks do not conceal the amount of which decreases with age significantly, add fresh skin, give elegance.

texture of lipsticks

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Texture plays a big role. Discard the matte lipsticks, all in the age matting make-up does not benefit, because it emphasizes all the deficiencies due to lack of skin elasticity.

Better to choose a creamy texture, lipstick marked "moisturizing". As for the finish line - let it be satin, satin, but not pearl.

Pearlescent purple lipstick can often be found on the lips in older women, but they look very old-fashioned and definitely not freshen the face. I hope that lovers of such lipsticks are not cast aside I now have slippers in the comments) Do not be afraid to try something new, try these shades and textures, see for yourself the result on the face!

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