Irina Khomenko: I do not do fast food, fried foods and coffee

Actress show "Mamahohotala" UFO TV channel Irina Khomenko, living in a mad working rhythm, is able to look amazing.

She spoke about the main means of self-care in the autumn and will also share tips on how to avoid autumn blues.

Irina, how to find time to care for themselves in a mad working rhythm?

Frankly speaking, this task with an asterisk! But when you've got every minute of their weight in gold, you begin to combine is not compatible with each other things. The most important thing - the desire, and deep sleep.

What are the problems in the care of skin and hair you will encounter in the fall?

With the first cold weather arrives dry and weathered skin, as well as cap (since I am to girls who wear them). Because of them electrified hair and still get dirty and confused. To help me, my friend Natasha comes. It is not a beautician, not a hairdresser, and a very clever girl who understands cosmetics. According to its recommendations using cosmetics that should be stored in the refrigerator, and the shelf life of three months or less.

Whether you use homemade masks or prefer salon treatment?

I admire the beauty of the people in old age. And I know that in their days there Botox and super expensive creams that make you younger than 10-20 years. Therefore, I can also indulge household masks and traditional procedures.

Every morning, I wash cucumber frozen juice - it is perfectly moisturizes. The ice acts as a kind of cold shower for the face. Hair do a hydrating mask and lamination. Egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey, aloe juice and olive oil. Thoroughly mix all ingredients - and my mask is ready. Sometimes I buy in a drugstore vitamins in capsules and as they are added to the mask. Put on the hair for a few hours, wrapped with cling film, put on warm cap, be sure to head all the time I heat hairdryer, so that it was hot. I assure you, you will not know your hair.

And yet, in salons necessarily go to the cleaning of the face and massage.

Do you have special rules of supply that you could do to keep fit?

When you have a permanent recording and touring, it is very difficult to control your diet, and I try to stick to a healthy diet. I do not do fast food, fried foods and coffee. Always before meals for 20 minutes, I drink a glass of water. For breakfast, be sure to eat porridge, sweet and fruit drink to 15:00, and before bedtime drink kefir.

The best option autumn holiday for you - it's ...

Walks in the open air. Autumn is decorated with a variety of parks, gardens, forests... And best of all, the weather is still quite comfortable, so your trips are longer and the barbecue season continues. You can also go for the whole family to enjoy mushrooms and then the mushroom soup or soup.

Any rules of its own style do you practice?

For me the most important thing - comfort! I can not call myself a super stylish in everyday life. And I prefer casual clothes casual.

Spring and summer often wear skirts and dresses, but my wardrobe autumn capture jeans, leggings and pants, even though the love when the girls in dresses or skirts. But plans for the day so change quickly, you do not know where you buried a. While it is recognized in the boot drive a makeup, dress and shoes.

What you should know and do to carry bulky warm clothing and remain stylish?

Now fashion comfortable enough. You already are nothing new combination of fur coats and shoes. Or pants with stripes and classic shoes. Voluminous sweaters can be combined with a thin belt at the waist, and hoodies to wear with leggings. The main thing to remember that fashion is not eternal, and the style is always in trend. Dress so that you feel comfortable. And if not confident in their abilities - use the services of a stylist. It will not be worth all the money of the world, and vice versa - will save you time and money on unnecessary things.

What you need to do to the skin in the fall remains as fresh and hydrated in the summer?

It is necessary to drink more water, and indoors use thermal water. Back in the autumn consult with your doctor, hand over analyzes and drink vitamins. The main thing here - not to self-medicate.

Obligatory for the night nourishing and moisturizing masks, but it is not necessary before going out to use these cosmetics. I really like the Korean cosmetics - there are many such tools. My favorite mask with snail slime: it is perfectly regenerates and restores the skin.

This summer you could relax and gain energy for the cold season?

This summer I have a "special". Unfortunately, the summer working, but dropped out when a few days off, the weather was rainy and cool. Even the legs in vodichku not plunged. This summer has been a record number of get-togethers with friends and family outings. I read the four books that changed a lot of my views on life situations and herself.

Many people characterized by seasonal autumn blues - both are struggling with it, and what advise do the rest?

I have no such problem. Autumn - a kind of portal, the transition from the hot summer sun in cold snowy winter. I love running in the rain slicker or jumping in puddles, push kicks fallen leaves and photograph yellowed and crimson leaves.

In the autumn start your morning than with a coffee and a fragrant tea. And as often as possible, wear bright clothes - it is sure to cheer up you and others!