3 best feeding for children: try and choose!

Nutritionists, pediatricians and, of course, my mother many years did various experiments to find the 3 best product! Try it, your baby will love!

That all went like clockwork - the baby did not have any rashAnd the appetite was always good, my mom needed to get ready for the first meeting of the crumbs with a spoon. We propose to use is not the experience of your mother or grandmother, who had to urgently go to work, and forums on the Internet, and the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is this organization studies have been conducted around the world to select the best food for crumbs and to decide when and how to introduce solid foods.

Why is it so important to start solid foods?

Mom's milk - the perfect food for crumbs. At first it may even completely absorbed, and later problems with the gastrointestinal tract does not occur. If an artificial mixture is chosen correctly, mom gives her a sufficient amount of water and carefully follow the instructions on the preparation, and then to a mixture of the child gets used. But the lure - it is a real event! New taste, unusual texture, and even a spoon! Well... let's face it - this is not always the spoon. Often the first crumb disregards the rules of etiquette and takes food from the mother's or father's plate fingers.

At this crucial moment in range of children's pens must be something from the category of healthy foods, not herring, sausage, chips, mushrooms, honey, or candy. Vegetables, cereals in the form of micro-doses of the baby can try, fruit, leaf lettuce, bread crust - too. But microdose mean size of a grain of rice. No more. Just to meet new tastes. And no introduction of complementary foods does not negate the mother's milk or formula. Lure - is gradually getting used to the new food.

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Willingness to lure №1

WHO says about the optimum age for introduction of complementary foods - 6 months. But age - only one of the parameters. It is also important skill to sit, the extinction of the reflex expulsion of solid food, interest in adult food and, of course, the appearance of the first tooth! This is a signal: "I already have something to chew on!". And again: "The body needs more energy. Let vegetables and porridge! They have iron and zinc. "

Do not feed your baby violently

That the child was not with the appetite and health problems in the future, never feed him forcibly. Do not try to force him to eat solid foods, unless he wants to. It will be correct to try 8-10 times (1 teaspoon per day), and then, when there is interest in the dish, to a small portion. Crumbs need to learn to take food from a spoon and move it in the mouth: sometimes it looks as if he does not like. Do not cram. Give a chance to practice, rasprobovat, love.

3 top product of the first feeding

1. gentle zucchini
If the baby grows and gains weight normally, in 6-7 months give mashed vegetables without salt, spices, sugar. It is best to start with courgette. If there is fresh and you do not freeze, take canned puree. Zucchini hypoallergenic, its taste is neutral. Alternatively: cauliflower, carrots and potatoes. Add the mashed potatoes a little of your milk or formula.

3 best feeding for children: try and choose! / istockphoto.com

2. nourishing porridge
A child weakly gaining weight or having diarrhea, suggestions introduce solid foods with cereal. This gluten-free trio: corn, buckwheat, rice. In cereals (like vegetables), iron and zinc are in a digestible form. Do not take chances, do not let the semolina. Modern nutritionists against such feeding. In order not to decrease the amount of breast milk, let the lure after breastfeeding. Do not forget that kid with allergies solid foods introduced later. A mixture of bottle-is not canceled.

3. kefirchik whom?
Dr. Komarovsky has made some changes in a coherent scheme of the WHO, suggested the use of yogurt as our local complementary foods. Arguments: use of the product for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and taste, close to the taste of mother's milk. Kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese should only be special - children. We start with 5 g, watching the reaction! The product should be not only children, but also fresh, just open. Otherwise, the benefits will not, and instead of a normal chair - constipation.

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