How do you know that exercise has benefited

Many people aged engage or attempt to engage in physical exercise. At some point it becomes clear that exercise is beginning to yield benefits. How do you know this?

Here are signs of progress:

  • You feel stronger;
  • The mood has become better;
  • Regular work to perform easier;
  • The ladder can climb on more floors;
  • It is easier to get out of the car;
  • If you sat on the floor (to play with the kids), then it is easier to get up;
  • You better sleep at night;
  • Less stiff joints and back.

How often to check your fitness?

usually check once a month. Check the endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.


Measure the distance that can pass.

Upper body strength

Pick up a small load and simply bend your elbows, lifting the load to the shoulders. Count the number of repetitions that can do 2 minutes.

The strength of the lower body

Count how many times you can get up from the chair 2 minutes;


How long you can stand on one foot without support. Check the balance where you can quickly grab hold of something.


Sit on the edge of sustainable chair, pull one leg forward and pull the toe of the foot over and lean forward, hands outstretched to toe the straight leg. How far can you reach out in such a position? To toe can reach?

In order to exercise has been progress, you need to constantly increase the load: to go further and faster, lift more weight, exercise more often.

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