How to enter the lure of autumn: 5 life hacking for moms

Autumn - time products abundance. If the baby is ready to try something other than mother's milk in the fall, one problem: what to choose for a start. Crop is harvested. Now the main thing - do not overfeed
and do not provoke allergies

Fortunately, the days when pediatricians are taught to feed the semolina in milk in 4 months have passed. Today, all follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which allows to enter lure babies not earlier than 6 months (bottle-- in 5-5,5). It is proved that the child's body up to 5-6 months is just not able to digest and assimilate any food other than mother's milk or adapted formula.

When to start solid foods?

Your pipsqueak interested in adult food, confidently sitting and he has cut a tooth? So, to start the kid is ready!

  • Your doctor probably will pay attention also to the overall health of the child, if the crumbs inadequate body weight, iron deficiency, disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract, then as a first meal you recommend porridge. Of course, you will need to choose a specialist, what kind, and whether you need to add milk.
  • At crumbs constipation and overweight? He fit vegetable puree, or start typing fermented lure.

Teaching lure

Even before the introduction of complementary feeding mothers trying to provide food microdozes adult table. If a pipsqueak in 6 months, reaches for food, let the tip of a spoon or the size of a fasolinku something useful.
This method is called "pedprikorm" and is suitable when a pipsqueak really actively interested in the food you eat healthy and the baby is not allergic.

A sign of readiness to pedprikormu is the presence of the pencil grip and again - the ability to sit. If everything is as it is. You can give a small piece of boiled potatoes, a few grains of buckwheat, apple or pear. No pickles, cutlets, sausages and mushrooms and mayonnaise do not show. Scarce can taste the food only to mother's plate, if it is eaten. During the breastfeeding mother to share the enzymes that help digest the new food.

How to introduce solid foods autumn /

That in the autumn menu

Dr. Komorowski believes that the yogurt to taste closer to milk than an apple, and start offering solid foods with kefirchik. dairy lure (special - children) is recommended when administered with the intestine and immune problems. Products based on lactic acid bacteria will provide crumbs body calcium and potassium.
Serve vegetables and fruits

  • in the form of a soft puree. First, cook the fruits white and green (zucchini, apples, pears, potatoes, cauliflower), and later - yellow and orange
  • and only then - red. Start with half a teaspoon and offer one new product per day. No rash? Gradually increase the dose.
  • juice administered starting with 3-5 drops (dilute fresh water 1: 1). Within 10 days, bring the volume up to the age norm (the child's age in months multiplied by 10). That is 7 months can crumbs 70 ml of juice per day.

Start with a one-component juices, better - with apple. A week later, offer the same juice, but with the flesh. Then - pear, carrot, peach. Kashi choose gluten-free: buckwheat, rice, corn. Add some of your milk.

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