Best lipstick MAC 2018

To date, no woman is complete without lipstick. We are always looking for a new beautiful and suitable to us shade. There are countless different brands for every budget. Its rightful place in the global market occupy lipstick Mac.

Among this wide range of colors easy to get lost. Lipstick can be selected to suit all tastes varied texture. The main thing to know exactly what is right for you. The article of this huge diversity we have chosen the most popular and beautiful shades. Some of them even are favorites of celebrities. Thus, every girl easily determine your pet.

Lipstick Mac Lipstick Ruby Woo

Lipstick Mac Ruby Woo - one of the most popular, if not the most popular lipstick ever made. This red velvet touch is a must for every girl, whether she is on a date or at a meeting of the company. For example, Rita Ora and Taylor Swift in love with this shade!

Velvet Teddy

If Ruby Woo is the best selling Mac red tint, Velvet Teddy - their best selling shade of all. Therefore, if you are crazy about nyudovyh lips Kylie Jenner, then this is for you. It is great for everyday makeup.

Mac Heroine Lipstick - Matte

It used to be limited edition purple tint was made permanent in 2014. And so he has not lost popularity even in 2019.

Mac Viva Glam Lipstick - IV

This lipstick has won the hearts of many girls. Its pleasant texture although it has a delicate texture, but is famous for its stability. Saturated shade pearlescent perfect for the official release.


This color is really hard to find. It is a rich burgundy hue gives the appearance of elegance and aristocracy. One has only to make up the lips of the lipstick, she immediately make your way more expensive, even if you wear simple.

mac Diva

This darker version of Ruby Woo, and it became immediately gain popularity among celebrities and make-up artists. It is distinguished by intense pigmentation and excellent resistance.

Mac Guo Pei Lipstick - Brave Red

If you are looking for a natural warm red shade, which will be held all day, then this is your lipstick. You will enjoy a creamy texture that does not dry the lips, moisturizes and vice versa.

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