Make-up tricks that I have learned from a professional make-up artist

Recently, I wrote that I took a course "Self makeup" makeup to school. Today I want to share a successful make-up counters, which are learned during his practice at the stylist:

the right hand

Particular attention is paid a master of makeup brushes. Casey makeup artist can be a huge amount of brush, but for a home make-up will need the strength of ten.

Invest in a quality brush. "Day" option, which will cost less than five hundred rubles for a set of 5-10 brushes, not last you a long time.

Remember that makeup brushes should be thoroughly washed and cleaned, for example, for tone brush should be washed after each use (I have my baby shampoo)

For greasy texture (i.e. shadows or cream dense pitch) makeup recommends choosing the synthetic pile. Dry texture - highlighter, illyuminayzer, pressed shade - excellent shaded natural bristle.


Tone recommends applying makeup or beauty flat brush-blender (or its variations as, for example, silicone sponge).

Tightly packed brush with smooth cut allows you to put the tone of the dense layer, flat brush helps apply a thin layer means.

This brush inflict tone dense layer
This brush inflict tone dense layer
This brush will cause the tone of a thin layer
This brush will cause the tone of a thin layer

Before you apply the tone you want to use foundation makeup. You can purchase the classic foundation that evens out the skin, and apply silicone to the output (not every day!) - it turns any epidermis silk. Instead, base for make-up, you can use any cream or moisturizing serum.

Corrector is applied under foundation (he can be of various colors and suitable for darken or lighten areas), concealer - over and point.


Topic correcting deficiencies affected the makeup very often. For me it was the discovery that different shades of concealer can smooth out any flaw on the face. For example, purple circles under her eyes removed with orange corrector; rosacea on the cheeks can be masked by means of a green tinge. Bluish color of bruises remove the yellow corrector and dark circles of fatigue hide under a red tint.

Changing the shape of the face

The last point that I would like to address - is artificial change of facial features. It really can be done with makeup, even if you previously did not work. How to apply remedies to improve your appearance?

What on the face lighten visually increases, that darken visually hide.
  • To visually make the neck longer, you need to darken its side parts.
  • If you have a snub nose, and you want to hide it, do not put it on the tip of the highlighter - so you even more it will emphasize. Darkens the area around the edges of the nose and the wings (for everyday life is better to use dry sculptor) and lightens the thin vertical line in the middle.
  • To raise the facial features and bring it closer to the ancient ideal, use the highlighter. Apply it on the cheekbones, and darken the space under the cheekbones. So facial features seem to be more subtle, and the visibility will be lost cheeks.

I really have helped many of the tips mentioned in the article. What kind of life hacking you use in everyday makeup? Share in the comments below!

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