Torn female fringe. 5 fashionable options that do not need a long styling

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As you remember, in a previous article I told you about 4 most trendy hairstyles Bob options that do not require complex pilings. It is available on clicking on this link.

Today I will tell you of the most fashionable women's versions ragged bangs, which makes hair and the owner of her unique and unrepeatable.

Ragged fringe is a very popular solution for women regardless of age and shape of the face. Options with ragged fringe has a large number, so every girl can find a perfect hairstyle that will only improve your face and create a great image.

Bangs to the side. Jagged bangs suited to all the girls. It is particularly popular with overseas stars. Now women have started to follow their example. It looks trendy and modern. If you want to make a bang, you can try a ragged fringe to one side.

It suits any hairstyle. It is especially well with Bob and ladder. This fringe suits and thick and thin hair. But Curly girl bangs to the side is not very suitable.

Bangs with extension. Women who love interesting and fashionable hairstyles with bangs can try extension. It is well suited for a hairstyle bob and pixie. But do not forget that torn elongated bangs need a long time to install.

So before you make yourself a fringe need to buy special equipment for laying and every morning to give her hair a few minutes.

Jagged bangs and short hair. This fringe is ideal for short hair. Here you can experiment and add a very short ragged fringe. Now many Hollywood stars do to themselves is a haircut. But remember that with such a bang will open forehead and eyebrows, so you need to take care of and podkashivat eyebrows.

Bangs for medium hair. The average length of hair is suitable for every woman. But they can be supplemented with a very stylish bangs. You need to make a fashionable torn straight bangs. At this shearing stage should be, ladder square or elongated. To look fashionable image, you can make a beautiful painting, for example Ombre.

Jagged bangs with long hair. Long hair has recently become not very popular. Because for them need quality care. But most women are still not willing to give up a beautiful and long hair. And to add spice, you can add an image ragged fringe.

And what a bang you choose for yourself?

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