Lure: Does the child yesterday's meal suitable?

The child grew up, you enjoy his seat the common table. Of course, not always the mother time to cook everything fresh. How many hours or days, you can store food in the refrigerator, so they do not hurt the baby?

Cook borsch pan or vegetable stew, and then applying it year-old child the next day, but the guilty conscience? Work-home-household-cleaning problems-family. But properly fed yesterday's meal, not poison Does the baby and remain whether the vitamins and minerals that are useful for its growth and health?

How long can you keep cooked food for the baby?

Cooked food can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 or even 3 days. On the third day, when warming up the same soup still better to bring it to a boil. Foodborne diseases such food, is not likely to cause, but the biological value will lose.

Even an hour passed after removing from heat, vitamin composition of fresh food is depleted.

Lure: Does the child yesterday's meal suitable? /

Where vitamins are lost yesterday's dishes?

In potato soup, e.g., for 3 hours reception ascorbic acid loss will be 40% of the amount that was freshly prepared dish. And after 6 hours except that remain traces of vitamins.

In borsch or soup from fresh cabbage for 3 hours reception loss of vitamin C was 60% and for 6 watches - 80%.

Recipe for quick soup for baby

Let the kid will eat plenty of fresh borscht, and the next day cook him something new.

A good outlet for children's lunch - quick soups frozen vegetables. In 300 ml of boiling chicken broth, vegetable broth or salted water roll 100 g frozen spinach. After 4-5 minutes after re-boiling the soup is ready. Fill it with chopped egg, herbs and sour cream.

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