Trendy hairstyles that are suitable for women of all ages and body type

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As you remember, in a previous article I told you a fashionable and stylish haircut variants Kare that make women more harmonious, fresh and younger. You can read them by clicking on this link.

And today, I will tell you about fashion versatile hairstyles that are perfect for most women of different ages and body type.

As you know, two absolutely identical people in the world simply can not be. On the other hand, people can be divided into groups.

For example, women with the same face shape suitable the same shearing and hair. However, there are some "universal" haircuts, which will look good either.

The main thing is to determine the length of hair, position the parting and so whether to make a bang.


Length classic square varies from "to the lower edge of an ear" to "up to the shoulders." This allows you to select the appropriate length for any person on the basis of its features. Appearance can be further adjusted by making bangs or removing it.


In the cascade even more options, thanks to the two extreme lengths. They allow you to adjust both the length of the entire hair, and its bulk at the top. A surround stage for creating an attractive volume caps.


Pixie haircut makes a person more refined, and the image of a feminine, gentle. The owner of such a haircut is somewhat similar to a beautiful elf from fantasy.


Ability to make a bob haircut does not depend on the length of hair, so any ladies can choose the option that is most suitable for her. And in general - all options are versatile bean.

asymmetrical haircuts

This is the best kind of hairstyles for women of all ages and body type. It is ideally suited to visually change the appearance. With the help of asymmetry can hide any flaws and highlight the merits. It also happens that the situation could be saved simply by making oblique bangs. Sometimes for this purpose it is useful to resort to extra-long strands from one side.


At this trimming hair in front of the cut in steps, which makes them look like a ladder. Then the maximum length of the hair just below the shoulders, because it is important that they went smoothly.


This haircut is a bit like a cascade, but Aurora between the strands of different lengths transition is not smooth, underscoring the level of cut. Then on the top cap is obtained. Her long hair stylist selects for a particular woman.

Wishing to have a perfect hairstyle, you can get it completely. Suffice it to correct a little haircut. I am waiting for your comments about the haircut that would make you happy.

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