What an elongated haircut choose to create a fashionable and stylish image

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As you remember, in a previous article I told you a universal fashion haircuts that can give a stylish and modern look a woman of any age and physique. You can read them by clicking on this link.

Today I'll tell you about trendy haircuts elongated, as many women prefer this length of hair.

If you like trendy haircut, but it lacks determination hair cut short, today there is an alternative - elongated kinds of fashionable haircuts. Any haircut can be modified so that it blends seamlessly with the individual features.

elongated square

The classic bob has given rise to a variety of modified versions of this hairstyle. Along with a short bob, many of the fair sex like elongated modification of this haircut.

Kare length below shoulder level now popular with stars in show business. With such long hair, you can create different types of hairstyles. Long hair, you can braid in braids or gather in a ponytail. You can experiment with different types of staining.

Make elongated square with various modifications cholok. They may be straight or asymmetrical. There are options without cholok. The hair can be curled, make big waves curls or small curls, looks great ripple.

Prolong stage

This hairstyle is perfect for women with sparse and thin hair because it adds ambiance on hairstyle. The characteristic shape of a cap can be placed not only on the top, but drop to the ear.

The length of the rest of the hair can be any. Creating a volume on the sides, in the neck, at the top, you can disguise some of the shortcomings and set off the appearance of dignity.

The increase in volume at the sides and at the back of the area is suitable for owners of long face, but is contraindicated chubby ladies. But they need to create additional volume at the top. Wizard will help to create the perfect hairstyle taking into account the shape of the face and personal preferences.

Elongated versions of stylish modern haircuts excellent foundation for various kinds of beautiful hairstyles for weekdays and holidays.

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