TV presenter Dmitry Chistyakov: Adults can simply bring and leave gifts

Recently, the smallest employee of TV channel "Inter", the star category "Daddy Blog" Maksim Chistyakov celebrated its second anniversary!

In turn, the young father, a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter, author of the column "Daddy Blog" in the program "Morning with Inter" and leader of the project "Six hundred "on the TV channel" Inter "Dmitriy Chistyakov exclusively readers spoke about the celebration of the Day birth of her son, about the gifts and children dreams!

How to celebrate a birthday?

Very humbly, sincerely and warmly.

What holiday budget?

Small. I rented a spacious gazebo in the park, not far from the house. Next to the children's playground and a small petting zoo. And how much to spend on everything else does not count. It is necessary to request checks from his wife.

Who came?

They came to our friends. The closest - who loves Max. His godparents.

What gave?

Of course, most of the gifts - a toy and any razvivashki. But beyond that Max finally got his suitcase. Now on trips he would not pull my father's.

Many are ready?

Nothing prepared. Only the pope had to deal with a shish kebab. And to him snacks, over which it is not necessary to sweat for hours at the stove. Make ready a bunch of dishes and salads, as for me, stupid. To spend the holiday, and then wash the dishes. Such a pleasure. Friends brought Max a homemade cake, made from ingredients that do not harm the baby. Without any additives and dyes. I am opposed to sweets. Max had never eat sweets or chocolate. This he did not need.

Do important to invite guests to the feast?

It's in the mood. Or situation. Our family tradition is not obligatory for the holidays to organize noisy revelry. It all depends on what mood we and what are the plans. If you have the ability and the desire, then we invite the most friends and relatives. If you want, we can threesome somewhere jerk.

Who should be collected for the children's table?

At the children's birthday party unequivocally children! Adults can only bring gifts and go. I did not understand why his birthday I have to listen to adult conversations about the tedious work. I wanted to have fun with friends. But here's the children who are born in the summer of luck. Max has, for example, had left his friends - the sea, to the grandparents, etc. But he still was not bored, everyone who came to him for a holiday, want to pay attention to him. Everyone loves him. He played enough so that slept without hind legs.

Do you consider important to make your child a holiday in honor of the birthday? Why?

Holidays - these are the events that we remember for a lifetime. We are obliged to create a holiday for children. While the adults come and smacking his lips, praised prepared salad "Olivier" has already passed. There are so many opportunities to make a real feast! Trampolines, animators, cakes, decorating, magicians - this is the most banal. The options are many. I sincerely do not understand those who consider the celebration of children's birthday thrown out money or brushes with the phrase: "They will not remember anything." It's the same thing as with the travel. The more a child will experience a positive, vivid emotions, so it is active, positive, fun. We must gradually add in the "suitcase of memories" pleasant events. I am sure this will come in handy in the trunk son lives.

That you gave to his son?

From the parents he had a lot of different gifts - books, toys, balls. But perhaps the main gift - a permit to go to bed later and NL on the cartoons.

What a birthday do you remember most?

Birthday of Max, two years ago, the code he was born. On this day, I have experienced very strong emotions. But birthdays, I do not remember. Hardly had some outstanding. My family has always tried to give me a holiday, even in difficult times ...

What is the most memorable gift?

Bike, probably ...

What to think, when the blow out the candles on the cake?

Become a presenter on "Inter".

Your favorite holiday what? Why?

As a child, of course, it was their birthday and the New Year. Waiting for the gifts, some miracle, you have all the attention. And understand with age, the more I love to give gifts than to receive. No, I love the holidays of childhood has not disappeared anywhere, just the attitude has changed. Already other valuables. And to the list of favorite holidays added - Easter. This family is very warm holiday.