Is it possible to give the baby herring and when to start?

The child often asks herring when it you eat with her husband at the dinner table? Whether or not to give your child salty fish, at what age, and whether it is useful for the baby? We understand!

Little herring for the child, even useful, especially at the junction of the seasons: for example, spring-summer and autumn-winter.

Herring contains vitamin D, as well as valuable complex fatty acids omega-3, positively affecting the immune system baby.

Baby older than three years can be given herring 2-3 times per week, but must choose only cask (fat slightly salted).

Whether or not to give the child and when the herring? /

Various kinds of herring delicacy vacuum packed contain preservatives which are harmful to the child's liver. In addition to the usual herring barrel more vitamin D. Many salts harmful for children, so before consumption herring should hold for 2-3 hours in cold water.

Children to the herring can offer leeks or sweet red - they are not as sharp. And do not forget to get the stone!

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