Black Sea Games-2019: how to judge children Alexander Ponomarev

Today, July 28, the winners of "Black Sea Games-2019" will compete for the Grand Prix. Evaluate young talents will be a competent jury, including singer and composer - Alexander Ponomarev.

Reporters talked to Alexander Ponomarev, and know how hard it to assess the competition, why "Black Sea games"- source of manpower of show business, and why parents help their children to develop talents?

Black Sea Games-2019 / Press Service

Alexander, do you assess the competition. Is it difficult?

Often emotions prevail over sober assessment, but I know one thing: at this stage victory is not important at all for children. In most cases, it's bad, what's good for self. It is better when there is not a victory, but a sober and clear analysis of the situation, what to do to get better. I have not been difficult to assess, I appreciate the vocal. I can see the potential vocal. Sometimes I give definitely above assessment in something a little worse singer, because I see its potential for development.

"Black Sea Games" - a smithy of young cadres of show business. Many well-known contemporary artists participated in the competition and even won it. Why only one vocal competition in Ukraine can boast of such achievements?

Through the "Black Sea Games" are almost all the children singing. It is the largest, highest quality and the potential of the festival had the largest.

How to recognize the talent of the child, what to look for?

When a person sings - it shows. When a person while singing music - this is also evident is God's gift. Of course, everything can be developed. But completely different musicians, those who talent given from aboveand it just developed it, and those who has gained skills. It can be clearly seen. The Bible says if you can not find the talent, you - the sinner. And if found, and did not realize - you are doubly a sinner.

And if parents are against singing, how to convince them?

You need to inform them that they just interfere with your children.

That is, they should not interfere?

Do not just not to interfere, but to help! Help find talent child. If this vocal talent, then in every way, to the best of its ability to help the child to implement. The child needs support.

And if the family is not creative. They do not want ..

So what? I have a family, too, it was not creative. Dad - toolmaker, mother - builder. No vote had not. But they do not interfere with me. Yes, they had no money to pay for the music school, so I went to engage in boxing. But my talent still shot.

In an interview with Alla Pugacheva he told me that when she was 5 years old, my mother all the time forced her to play the piano. Young Diva sat and wept over it, while the children were playing in the yard. It is necessary to deprive the child of the child in order to make a star out of him?

The best training for children - right motivation. They should light music. I always ask parents to vocalists owned musical instrument. It is necessary so that they can write their songs. But do not torture them and force, they need to understand why they need to learn. Then, of course, you will need to occasionally "podnazhimat", but certainly not to force the child to cry over the keys.

When it is too late to send their children to the music, to become an artist?

Better than before, but not too early. At three years old child still does not understand why he was playing the violin. There are rules of music schools, they need to follow. But do not tighten. And that will happen as I have when I'm boxing and after regular school enrolled in music school with no music education. And all my colleagues studied music for 7 years! And I had a year to catch up with a program of music schools and colleges. And you know, it's a completely different training when you slowly shtudiruesh 7 years and catch up all at a gallop for the year.

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