Black Sea Games-2019: David Axelrod shared the secrets of her daughter education

July 26 opening of XVII All-Ukrainian Charitable Children's Festival "Black Sea Games". At the opening was attended by many Ukrainian stars. journalists talked exclusively with singer David Axelrod (Vladimir Tkachenko). With his wife, producer Alena Brain, they bring a four-year daughter straw. At the festival star dad arrived with his wife, Allen Brain was a member of the jury, and the small daughter. With singer David Axelrod, we talked about the festival, the education of his daughter, and how to see the child's talents.

David Axelrod on the Black Sea Games-2019 / Press Service

The Black Sea is the game for you ...

It's a great weekend, great festival, cool activities, a sea of ​​emotions, this is my child happy.

You have participated in many vocal competitions, you have a lot of experience that will advise children who do not get a prize?

Do not stop there - it's just a prize. Most importantly, each of the participants makes this competition. Why do I have participated in many vocal competitions? For me it was an experience I was trained. it was for me, "basic training." I each competition gets better and better, if you make the right conclusions.

What advice would you give to those children who will benefit?

One should always look where you started, and to draw conclusions.

You educate a daughter, share 5 tips on how to raise a girl.

First, watch her cartoons. Second, know all her favorite characters. Third, be a good example for her, it is very important to be a good father to his daughter. Fourth - to be the benchmark. Because the parents for the children - the prototypes of those people they will look in the future. I am the daughter of a prototype for the future of its men. Fifth - boundless love.

What talents do you notice about the daughter? You see it in a few years on stage "Black Sea Games"?

She has all the talent that can manifest in the child. It is very melodious, she is dancing, artistic. Let's see, I'm not going to contain it, will only help.

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