How to distinguish a professional manicurist from amateur

If before we had to do a manicure yourself, suffering with tweezers, nail file and scissors, long wait for the dry varnish, now all the suffering in the past. It is only important to choose a good manicure, and about once every 2-4 weeks to go to him to cover. But, unfortunately, there are nedoprofessionaly, from which it is better to run as far as possible! How to distinguish a real professional from an amateur? Let's deal with!

Differences between good and bad Manicurist


A good master certificates and certificates of completion of courses are usually located in a conspicuous place, and they can be found. It is also a huge plus, if the master will be prizes, awards, trophies, and other attributes, the qualifications of the employee.

Processing tools

This is a very significant step in the work of masters of manicure. It's a question of your safety. You have the right to ask the master, how he spends his sterilization and disinfection of instruments. Keep all priborchiki need special UV sterilizers. Or all of the tools contained in sterile bags that are opened in front of the customer. Before you start manipulating manicure master must process your pens and your workplace. Manicure master must disposable gloves.

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Removing gel polish

His often spend Frazier, but not to the nail, but only to the base. And then the master must be finished nail plate without damaging it. You can shoot and nail remuverom. In such a case, the coating is softened and removed orange stick. You can not scrub away paint from metal objects, as this may damage the plate.


Good materials for manicure quite expensive, and some masters save them. Wizard does not use materials from different manufacturers, for example, the top and base. Such products may not be combined, and a manicure would not last long. It is worth paying attention to the product's shelf life if it has expired, it can not be used. Once made manicure, moisturizing agent is applied to the hands.


The wizard offers two types of manicure: the hardware and trim. Owners of thin cuticle manicure is better to use the hardware, so the skin will be less injured, and the cuticle will not grow too thick. When hardware manicure cuticle is lifted and cut away the cutter.

For edging manicure all devices are well sharpened in order to avoid the appearance of burrs and cuts. For the treatment of nail plate metal nailfiles not used.


On the professionalism of the master can also be judged by the way it makes the coating. Some pseudo-masters to file the nail plate with the intention that the gel stayed longer. So manicure will last longer, that's the only way to hurt the nail plate.

Varnish should not go on the rollers fingers and cuticles, also deviate from them should not be very large. Each layer of the coating is sealed properly. If the master does not put nail polish on kromochku, your manicure will not continue a lot of time. Professional masters do not use in drying UV preference they give their LED-lamps, which are more forgiving for the skin of hands and nails.

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