Cease to do this: why you should not be on instamam

The figure after childbirth

Seemingly Blogersha recently given birth, and a week later spread pictures with blocks on her stomach. Do not believe this does not happen! It's all Photoshop! When you see these pictures, you realize that you are a loser, but cease to believe it! After childbirth the body is changing, but we need to wait a bit, follow the diet, exercise and the quality of your body to improve.

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Mother, wife and businesswoman at the same time

Look at pictures of some bloggers and think - how can you be so effective - and an entrepreneur, and to devote time to her husband, friends, find time for yourself and for the sport. But is it really? Everyone knows that when baby is bornAll the time given to him, and that's fine. Business starts to limp, her husband, too, the attention is not enough, there are sleepless nights, but it's natural! When you look Instragram, you would think that after the birth instamamy may work at night, until the baby is sleeping, but it is not so important to understand this!

Cease to do this: why you should not be on instamam / istockphoto.com

Have time to be a mom and blogger

When a mother does not have an assistant, combed or quietly drink coffee - it's fantastic for mom. Not to mention put in instagram photos or cheat curls.

Almost all well-known bloggers have helpers at home, and it is wrong when instamamy about it did not say.

Yes, it's important to have people in their environment, thanks to which you will have free time. When you look at the perfect pictures instamam, remember that this is just a picture, and the reality may be quite different.


  1. Subscribe to the bloggers that inspire and not force you complexes.
  2. If you have 20 minutes and free time, better sleep. The brain will relax and you will feel better.
  3. Praise yourself, do not abuse, and enjoy every moment.

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