How to strengthen the hair growth? The best natural ways!

Now the shops are full of a variety of products for hair care, and including a lot of different masks and shampoos that claim to help to enhance the growth of curls. However, it is a solid chemistry, and much better use of natural remedies, which I want to tell you!

The best ways to enhance the growth of their hair

diet control

It is time to include in your diet useful and healthy food. Our body needs a variety of nutrients and vitamins, and including the feeding of hair they are also necessary. Therefore your choice should fall on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Use onion juice

Yes, I admit that the smell is not very pleasant, but it is the onion juice helps to improve the production of collagen in the body, and accelerates the growth of curls.

Apply aloe gel

Another fantastic remedy for hair loss and increase their growth - aloe gel. It must be rubbed into the hair roots daily if you suffer from it loss. If you want your hair grew like crazy, you can add aloe gel in any home masochki a couple of times a week.

Take fish oil

Generally, omega-3 fatty acids - are useful for the whole organism. But in particular they need women to maintain its natural beauty, and including natural growth of hair!

Coconut oil for scalp

It contains protein, which is necessary for growth and health of hair. Apply the product directly on the scalp massage, and washing it thoroughly after 40 minutes.

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Make a head massage

If we are talking about massaging the scalp, it is worth noting and himself head massage to enhance hair growth. The fact that such manipulation will improve the blood circulation in the skin, which means it will be the stimulation of hair follicles and hair growth.

move more

At a constant physical activity in the body decreases the amount of stress hormone. But this hormone is harmful to the body, and including the effect on hair growth. Therefore, even if you are far from the sport, then at least more you walk, join a pool, doing exercises.

Try the egg mask

Again, the product, the aroma of which leaves much to be desired. And, although many of the peculiar smell of the product, do not use it in masks for the face and scalp, I still advise you and this way. Eggs high in protein, which helps to make new hairs! Therefore it is possible to do masochku at least once a week.

Drink green tea

Generally, this drink is very useful for our entire body. In particular, green tea improves hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Rinse your hair with apple vinegar

This product helps to stimulate new hair growth by regulating the pH of the scalp. Simply wash hair, rinse them with a solution of 1: 1 of water and vinegar.

Eat flax seeds

Advanced modern beauty actively consume flax seeds to improve the function of organs and systems, as well as to maintain youth and beauty of the body. Also, flaxseed helps moisturize the scalp, and accelerates the growth of hair.

Rub the skin oil of geranium

This product improves the blood circulation, thus awakening the hair bulbs!

Clean your body

You can do this with the vegetable juices. So you withdraw from your body all toxic substances at the same time saturating it with minerals and vitamins. Believe me, if the body is devoid of harmful chemicals, the hair necessary to accelerate growth.

Water the head lemon juice

Another sour product, which also helps to normalize the pH of the scalp, increasing hair growth. Just a few drops of lemon juice to help cover the head closer to the dream!

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