4 things you need a woman in my life, but for which it necessarily to marry

Some people believe that every woman wants to quickly jump to marry, and that it was a fine half of mankind family ties are needed more than men. Men are also just have to agree to the marriage and family.

But it is not so! Probably, so just consider all the men. In fact, women should be completely different, and this does not need to get married!

Here are 4 things that are required of every woman!


The world has changed, and if half a century ago, the woman simply did not realize himself, but now she can do it as many times! But before women had to choose the family.


Every woman wants a child and become a mother. But is it necessary for it to get married? Sometimes it is much easier to live without a husband, but a child. Men are very often simply do not realize that the family - it is work for two women loading up on household chores.


Again 50 years ago and more, women living with men who provided them completely. Divorces were lower because women realized that without a husband and his money, they will live in poverty. Now, women can and want to make their own, so it makes no sense to hold on to her husband for such a reason.


Every woman wants to feel that she is loved that about her care. Previously, the presence of a man with a woman meant that her life is all very well. Women have suffered betrayal, forgiving man's "antics", considering that even if only a man nearby, but "your own." But nowadays it is not necessary to enter for this marriage. It is much easier to meet occasionally with a man for sex and intercourse.

Considering that women want marriage, men try to avoid it. Although in fact it is beneficial to men and to found a family, to a woman to serve them in all respects. But the beautiful half of humanity has long been understood that it is necessary for men. Family in its old form, women no longer need!

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