How to cook an egg cough syrup

Cough is not a disease, it is only a symptom of a disease. And very often to get rid of this symptom it is quite difficult! But there is a remedy that will win even the most chronic and is not amenable to medical treatment of cough. Try it, I helped!

A few years ago, I have not recovered my bronchitis. And, as a result, he moved to the chronic. Now cough began to accompany me everywhere. Almost caught a cold - cough, and it is quite unpleasant. Quality of life is severely deteriorated. I began to cough constantly at work, it is noticed, of course, my colleagues. I have always drawn attention. I even worried that I might get fired because we were working with people and who want to be close to constant coughing man. And I was always very scary and uncomfortable when people start coughing, God knows what he's got for the disease! So one of my colleagues gave me a prescription medicine egg, he said how to make and wished good health. This recipe is considered old, but now its use is very important! Now I want to share with you this cool retseptikom who cured my cough!


You will need:

· Milk - 1 cup;

· Butter - 1 tablespoon;

· Honey - 1 tablespoon;

· Soda - ¼ teaspoon;

· Yolk of an egg - 1 pc.


Boil the milk, cool, add honey and oil. Whisk the egg yolk and enter into the milk, sprinkle in to the soda. Mix well the whole composition, have a drink and go to bed. It took me 3 procedures that appeared to improve. And then another 3 days to cough disappeared completely! A very effective tool that helps with bronchitis, tracheitis and laryngitis! Be sure to try a cost-effective and efficient means!

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