Black Friday: stores tricks that prevent you to save

November 23 Ukraine will celebrate Black Friday, the international day of sales.

However, Ukraine Not all shops honest reduce the cost of their products, and some even use the Black Friday to deceive their customers. All the reasonable shopping in the day - in our material.

the re-tags

In the next few days, the cost of some things can inexplicable rise, experts warn.

So stores brace for Black Friday. For a base price of the product is added to 200-300 hryvnia, and November 23 generously provide customers a discount of the same amount. So, the thing is sold at the original price with no discounts, so buy it on that day does not make sense.

But sometimes sellers come even smarter, offering on Black Friday to buy the goods ostensibly for shares at a price even higher than it was in the other day.

Discounts on selected products and additional conditions

Black Friday: stores tricks, which will prevent you to save /

Large stores, branches are located in many cities can actively promote actions for their products, not to mention some of the conditions. Price reduction can only relate to the elected positions, and in some cases, to get the discount you offer to buy something else at full price.

Carefully, expiration dates!

Black Friday - a good reason to sell a product that unsold in warehouses. You can sell a product shelf life which is about to end. And the clothes, there is usually no big list of sizes.

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