Charging for the lazy: Top 5 exercises that work against weight loss

It is difficult to force yourself to fully work out? In order not to lose shape and keep muscle tone, just do these exercises

we do not often do exercises under any pretext - later stood up and running late for work, evening valimsya down for the weekend - a lot of plans. However, what is only the victim then have to go for a nice figure... Better make yourself do at least some exercise.

Pose a child on the platen

Take the roller (or rolled up thin blanket), put it in front of him. Kneel: they shall be on both sides of the roller, and buttocks - on the heels. Inhale and lift. Exhale and lean forward. Right cheek touch roller. Put your hands forward on both sides of the roller.
Close the eye and relax in this posture for 2 minutes.

Butterfly on a pillow

Put your head under a thin blanket or pillow. Connect the foot and place them close to the pelvis. Lie down comfortably. Gather in the stomach, push your lower back to the floor. You should feel relaxed and down the thigh. Hold this position for 3-5 minutes.

Charging for lazy /

Royal pigeon

Lower the pelvis to the lower leg, right leg, and his left hand pull back as much as possible. Lower the knee on the floor and bend the left leg, taking your hands stop. Then tighten the foot closer to the back until you feel tension in the muscles of the left thigh. Hold this position for 2 minutes, switch the foot.

Charging for lazy /

Lifting legs

Lie on your back, put under the buttocks and lower back cushion or a thin blanket, straighten your arms and slide them over the head, as in the photo. Tighten your abdominal muscles and buttocks, then slowly lift your legs up. Breathing should be smooth and quiet. Hold for 2 minutes.

Charging for lazy /

Planck on one leg

Stand in the bar on the straight hands. Try to maintain a stable position of the waist (body and legs should form a straight line). Then lift your right foot off the floor. Hold this position for 30-40 seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

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