5 Secrets Nude manicure

If there is a manicure "out of fashion", it is a neutral Nude-nail. Designed in the most gentle and natural colors, it fits perfectly into the concept of any images and worthy decorating business, casual or festive attire. Nude manicure is always beautiful, but to do it is not very easy. 5 Secrets Nude manicure will create the best nail-design without any hassle.

How to make a good manicure Nude

Under the «nude» term is understood in the first place naturalness. This applies to the color of the coating, and the form of nails, nail color and compatibility with the rest of the image. Everything has to be sustained and restrained, but to reach the royal nobility from the first time and can not be obtained.

To create the perfect nude-important manicure:

  • length of the nail;
  • the shape of nails;
  • color nail polish under the skin tone;
  • quality of the application;
  • presence of decoration.

Secrets Nude manicure: the shape and length of the nail

Like any other nail-design, manicure in the style of "Nude" begins with the preparation of nails. As it is very important to maintain the moderation which is so necessary for a natural image. The length and shape of the nails in the «nude» manicure The following rules apply:

  • Length. Natural manicure is done on long nails. He loses all its appeal, if the area of ​​application of corporal or beige lacquer is very high. Nude design looks perfect on medium and short nails, so the length should take care in advance.
  • The form. Referring again to the naturalness performed manicure, it is worth noting that the nude-design is recommended for accurate polish round shape. Rough "squares" or sharp "triangles" will not be able to provide the natural charm of the fashion of Neil.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the preparation of nails - their polishing and degreasing before the initial application of the selected nail.

How to choose a nail manicure Nude

Color coating is unexpectedly important if you want to make the most natural manicure on their own hands. And to understand the rich palette of bright pastel beige tones is very simple:

  • Owners of light skin should pay attention to paints with a cool pink shade or pearlescent coating of solid and beige tones.
  • For ladies with dark skin are especially good to be nude-colored peach tones.
  • For girls with tender pink skin suit varnishes pleasant sandy shades.

The darker the color, the more appropriate deep rich shade Nude varnish. This simple rule will help in choosing the stylish ladies of the coating and the creation of a manicure.

How to do a manicure in the style of "Nude"

When the Nude manicure is important to follow a few rules:

  • Coated in compliance with all the required steps - basis, directly varnish, Fixer.
  • Do not shake the bottle of varnish before use - otherwise the composition may lie non-uniformly, with air bubbles.
  • Apply the varnish in three strokes fast enough - at first vertically along the center of the nail, then the edges.
  • Coverage «nude» do bilayer - for wealth and fullness of color.
  • Choose glossy fixer - he will underline lacquer shade.

Manicure in Nude style does not imply that the decor, but the nail-industry increasingly ignores this fact. Therefore stylish natural manicure is quite possible to decorate, but only discreetly and very carefully - not to overdo it with the design.

Nude For decorative manicure suit:

  • glitter - on a small scale;
  • jacket - lunar or classic;
  • crystals - small and not very many;
  • stamping - to create elegant designs;
  • Ombre.

The choice of technique and design comes with a reference to the created image of fashion that was achieved the optimal combination manicure, make-up and outfit.

Manicure in Nude style - the most versatile of all the existing ones, so to know its secrets and features useful to all without exception.

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