5 things that are not worth saving, even in crisis

1. Footwear

"I'm not rich enough to buy cheap things", - said Baron Rothschild. Remember, the best one pair of expensive shoes than two cheap pair that make not only your feet freeze and tear, and after a couple of weeks.

Tight and not quality footwear compressed, and it leads to fatigue and problems with joints.

2. Underwear

Never do not save on underwear! Qualitative pajamas / underwear greatly affects the quality of your sleep. Poor-quality linen will irritate your skin and cause redness.

5 things that are not even worth saving in crisis / pixabay.com

3. Jeans

High-quality jeans looks perfect in the figure, do not lose their shape after washing and do not rush purchase. Therefore, we recommend to buy a pair of expensive jeans than a few pairs of cheap.

4. Technics

The technique must be of high quality, then it will work well for a long time to serve. Better once to gather up money and invest in the purchase of a good quality phone.

5. Security

We all know that insurance cars, apartments and our life - the pleasure is not cheap. But what you would not have been a cautious man, none of us can not look into the future and know what will happen. So think about the possibility of damages.

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