How to relieve stress during pregnancy: 2 relaxation exercises

Women are in a position often reminded that the expectant mother should not be nervous. But then she would have to live in a vacuum. Shallow altercation will not harm the fetus, psychologists say, if the mother is able to safely relieve stress.

You can follow the example of "not to worry" and to suppress their emotions. But they are not going anywhere. Moreover, repressed emotions can harm the baby. Take advantage of our exercise to learn how to relieve stress.

How to relieve stress during pregnancy /

Exercise 1

Sit down on the floor and cross your legs. Relax your back and close your eyes. Drop the idea of ​​the problems. Begin to breathe slowly. Take a deep breath and exhale. Imagine that the air easily in and out of your body.

Then imagine that the air - a mild sunlight. You breathe it, and it fills you with peace of mind. In this case, your face, body muscles are relaxed. Imagine that the problem - it's the clouds that the wind blows away. Breathe for several minutes.

Relaxed? Now think about what the

the baby in the womb? Thumb sucking? Sleeps? Or playing with the umbilical cord? Mentally, hug him and pat. Imagine that he is well and safely in the womb. Put your hands on your stomach, pass through them baby warmth and tenderness.

Now stretch, gently lift off the floor, you can continue to go about their business.

Exercise 2

Sit comfortably. Breathe deeply and evenly. Now squeeze the hands into fists and strongly tighten them to 3-5 seconds. Relax your arms. Now tighten your elbows, putting his hands on his hips, relax them. Raise your shoulders, tighten them much. Relax.

Alternately, all muscles tense and relax. For convenience, you can "walk" from the top down, and then vice versa. Doing exercise, sit some more, feel every muscle relaxation, breathe calmly.

How to relieve stress during pregnancy /

Another relaxation technique

Talk with loved ones. Sometimes small talk very well able to relieve stress.

Take a shower. Water well relaxes and time alone will help organize thoughts.

Stroll. Walking - a great way to stress relief. And it will help to fill the placenta oxygen.

Make pregnancy without stress is almost impossible. So look for their own ways of relaxation and stress relief that your pregnancy was your joy.

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