Star childfree: 10 celebrities flatly renounced motherhood

At all times there were women who, for other reasons and was not destined to become a mother. Today, it is also not uncommon, and many deliberately choose a path of childfree. Find out who of international stars for one reason or another, chose the path of childfree?

Childfree translates as "childless". Female celebrity, star, actress, celebrities basking in the glory, they have all - crowd of fans, money, popularity, everything except the feeling and understanding of what it means to be mother. Let many of us can not imagine life without the beloved child, star beauty, which will be discussed further implemented in other areas of life. Well, everyone chooses his own path in life ...


Note that the star childfree often openly hinted that it was time to give birth, sometimes there are rumors of pregnancy who do not find confirmation in the future. Who are they, star childless women?

1. Renee Zellweger

According to Rene, too public opinion pressure on modern women, which is a relic of the past. Zellweger said that nowadays a girl has the right to do what he wants and be implemented in areas of interest to it.


2. Jennifer Aniston

More than once in the press exaggerated rumors of pregnancy Jen, who later turned out to be a fake. The actress in numerous interviews, admits that quite happy without children. So whether it is in fact, we can only guess.


3. Kylie Minogue

The world-famous singer from Australia, it would seem, it has made the most. She even won a dignified cancer, but the child has not given birth. Many condemn her for it, but it's her personal life and she is free to spend it at their discretion.


4. Kim Cattrall

The star of "Sex and the City" once very offended when it was called childless. She believes that women without children - is not synonymous with inferiority and conscious choice of the successful woman. Probably, many moms would dare to argue with Kim.


5. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah - author and host of the most successful in the world of talk shows, which for decades has not lost its popularity. She deliberately abandoned children for the sake of a brilliant career. According to her, for the staggering success of the necessary sacrifices. In her case, this turned out to be the victim of the happiness of motherhood.


6. Helen Mirren

Hellen has repeatedly been criticized over the fact that she had no children. This woman quite harshly replied that she has no maternal instincts at all. According to her, many women like her, do not see their happiness in children. But is it really the issue, experts have not studied.


7. Patricia Kaas

Patricia has been a lot of novels, even with Alain Delon, but my mother, she did not become. In an interview, the singer made a recognition that nature does not just give her a chance to have a baby, but she consciously rejected it.


8. Mylène Farmer

As recognized by the singer Mylene Farmer, she was selfish and did not want to burden themselves mothering. Mylène had many stormy romances and not becoming a mother, she does not regret it. Although if it was true, she Milen probably never admit it.


9. Dita Von Teese

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese thinks that not to have children, this is normal and nothing extraordinary about it.


10. Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli wanted to become a mother, but her dream did not materialize due to drug addiction and a permanent cure. Once she was pregnant, but unfortunately, my mother did not become.


It is said that many stars, filling themselves ardent supporters of childlessness often thus cover their complexes about the fact that they could not become a mother for whatever reason. So whether it is in fact, we can only guess. But one thing is clear: the birth of a child gives a woman an incredible emotion and happiness. And the fame, money and recognition is still no substitute for a sincere love of the native little man.
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