Ashley Graham suggested to pregnant women how to reconcile with the appearance of stretch marks

Known model with a curvaceous Ashley Graham waiting for the firstborn, and the social network Instagram shared with subscribers of their problems.

It may seem that Ashley Graham a girl without complexes! It does not strive for a perfect figure and openly declares that she likes the way she looks now, but she believes her weight and optimum comfort.

But if the extra folds and do not spoil the mood of the model, quite different things with stretch marks, which appeared during pregnancy.

As Ashley herself admitted, she could not put up with them for a long time:

When I saw and cellulite, and stretch marks... I felt very uncomfortable. And even after the publication of pictures, which show how I changed, come to terms with this new body I did not succeed. There was a feeling that it is wrong, ugly, even unfair.

According to the model, the crisis helped her get out honest conversation with yourself.

I confess that for me this is important, realized how many women faced with this... Surprisingly, the recognition of extensions allowed me to once again begin to look at your body the same way again.
Ashley has advised women who are faced with such a problem, in any case not be closed, and to communicate with people in a similar situation. Pronunciation of the problem helps to accept the new reality and his new body, according to the model.

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